About me

My name is Mark.  I am part owner and one of the bench jewelers of Atlas Jewelers in Shelby Township, MI.  So many pieces of jewelery pass through my hands.  When a customer with a custom piece that we made comes in or even if I see a picture of one of our creations, the story behind the jewelry always comes to my mind. Someone suggested that people would find the stories interesting and that I should share some of them. This is that blog.  


8 comments on “About me

  1. Hello my name is Eric. I am getting married in November 2015. I love the snare drum ring. I would like to get one made for me. Where are you located? Also can you do any metals? And how much for a ring?

  2. I recently lost my husband 4 days ago and wanted a jewelry piece but haven’t been able to find a piece I loveed. He was a drummer and lover of music and wanted to incorporate that into the piece. I seen the drum urn pendant you have posted with the quote “the best thing I ever did was loving you” and I stopped looking immediately and knew this was the perfect piece. I would like to know what the cost would be for that exact piece to be made as an urn pendant?

  3. My son who was a drummer, recently died in an ATV accident, and I would like to know your prices on the urn necklaces as his brother and father are also drummers and the family is devastated and wants something special to keep him with us.
    Thank you so much
    Tina Tibbetts

  4. Hello. I had a friend pass away, a month ago. She always liked watching me play my drums. Is there anyway that you can create a small snare drum, with a clasp, that will open and close to put her ashes in, that will be small enough for a necklace? Thank you, Eric Shippert

    • I am sorry about the untimely response. My notifications were not set right. I only make them with a permanent seal. But I can custom make something special. I have some pictures of other urns that I have made at MusicianRings.com

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